Real Talk

Happy Friday, everyone!

I just finished my workout and wanted to get real with you for just a minute.  Let’s talk about weights and why you need them in your life.  Real weights not those little 2 pounders your mom used to walk around with in her hands.

I’m talking weights.  10-25 and even higher depending on your ability.  Weight training is essential for ladies!

I am in love with any program that has you using bigger weights, but then I’m just addicted to exercise like I talked about yesterday.  The reason I love weight training is that it helps you get smaller, stronger, stand up straighter, and be less prone to injury.

But how?  Won’t I get big “manly” muscles if I pick up a 25 pound weight?  Um, no.  It won’t happen.

Those ladies you see that have large body builder physiques have done things that most of us would never dream of to get them.  Most of that is related to the most strict nutrition plan you have ever even imagined, and the other is they probably work out for hours each day.  Who in the real world has time for that?  Certainly not any of the women I know!

No, a good 30-60 minute session of weight training a few days a week, mixed with cardio and a healthy and balanced nutrition plan will NOT make you bulk up.  You will see more definition if your body fat percentage gets really low (which is very difficult to do) but you’ll have a nice “toned” body if you are smart about how you train.

Stop believing the myths.  Do your research.  I’ve been lifting for over 4 years.  Do I look like a man to you???  I certainly hope not!!!  What I have done is make myself stronger, leaner and more efficient for when I want to do something active in my real life, even in my running.  Because I lift, everything in life is easier.  I have more stamina.  I can run circles around other people when out shopping or even taking a walk on the beach.

Lifting is awesome.  I’m here to encourage you to do YOUR best today and every day!  Lifting makes me feel like a badass.  Don’t you want to be a little badass?

Oh, and that soreness you’ll feel when you start?  That means it’s working.  Start lifting.  Trust me.



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