What Victories Are You Celebrating?

So, it was the Super Bowl last night.  Did you watch?  Do you care?  Did you eat too much and drink a few?  Any regrets???

No matter what, if you’re on a healthy journey, I salute you.  You may be waking up this morning a little hungover, either from food or drink or both.  You may be regretting those wings and chips, but don’t beat yourself up too much.

Life is about balance.

I’m feeling so much better and was able to workout this weekend and get back to my program this morning.  I know all too well how it feels to have regrets… I had a couple beers last night and some chocolate that I’m thinking maybe wasn’t the best idea… but it’s over.  I’m back.  I’ll celebrate the victories.

You see, when we focus on the negative things in our life, the positives are difficult to celebrate.  Today is Monday, and I’m choosing to celebrate!  I feel awesome!  I’m sore from my workouts!  I have energy again!


So what if I’m not perfect?  So what if I backslid on my nutrition plan?  I am strong.  I am healthy.  I lifted HEAVY (for me) today.  I ran 8 miles on Saturday.  I am a freaking rock star!

Whatever your victory today, I encourage you to celebrate it.  Brag about it on Facebook.  High five your work buddies about it.  Don’t worry about the funny looks you’ll get, people are just jealous, right?  It’s all about celebrating those victories.

You are worth it.  I am worth it.  Let’s all do our happy dance today!

Oh, and congrats to the Denver Broncos!  I was pulling for Peyton, so I was happy to see him win it again.  My team has never been to a Super Bowl.  I hope someday to be cheering for my actual team, but until then… happy for one of the classiest guys in football.

Go kick some Monday butt, ok!


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