Failure Leads To Success

I fail every day.  Or at least I hope I do.  Why?  Because failing leads to success.

You know that Thomas Edison failed at making a light bulb over 2000 times before he succeeded?  But when asked about his failures he simply said he didn’t fail, he just found 2000 ways that didn’t work.

When you workout, your trainer wants you to work to failure.  That means you lift as heavy as you can until your form fails, or that you go as fast and as hard as you can until you literally can’t go any longer.  Those types of workouts are going to make you stronger, faster, better than you were before because they challenge you and change you.

I failed at my workout this morning on a few moves, but I also got a lot stronger than the last time I did the same workout!  That’s what I call success!  I may not be able to move later, but it’s totally worth it!

I’ve been failing at my goal of helping people.  I’ve tried to copy what other people have done as coaches, trying to change my ways to imitate and hopefully catch some of their success.  It’s not working for me.  I have to be me!

I’ve always said that I’m not normal, so why do I think the normal way is going to work for me?  It isn’t!  Time to do what I do best, be myself.

So, to that end, I’m basically starting over.  With my coaching, with my goals.  I’m digging in and finding my “why”.  I’m committing to training myself the right way.  I’ve got to get out of my head and realize that all the failing I’ve done will bring me closer to my goals.

I know what doesn’t work for me.  It’s time to keep going and find what does!  Sure, it would be easier to give up.  But that is totally NOT in my nature!  (Remember my tattoo?  Yeah, never giving up!)

So I’m here.  I’m writing.  I truly believe that I can help people with my blog.  I believe I can help people I run with.  I believe I can help people with the products I represent as a Beachbody Coach.  I believe in my purpose.  I believe in helping people be happy, healthy and live active lives!

I believe in me!  I believe in you!  I believe I will succeed.  I may fail some more, but each time I fail, I will celebrate how much closer I am to winning!


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