True Talk

I want to talk a little more about my “why” today.  Why I work hard to get and stay healthy.  Why I want to be a successful coach.  Why I want to help others be healthy.

It isn’t for fame or fortune, though I wouldn’t mind being able to make a living helping others and not going to an office every morning!  But that would just be a perk.  My real why is so much deeper than my bank account.

My why is the years I spent locked in my head when all I wanted was to escape the pain.

My years as a person with depression are hard to fathom for me now.  I haven’t felt that way in quite a while, thankfully.  But they were real.  And I hid them well.  At least it seems I did.

I tell my friends and family now about how I felt then and they are shocked.  They had no idea I was so close to committing suicide.  How close I was to just giving up.  They say they didn’t see any signs.  I’m thankful they didn’t in a way, but I can’t understand how they couldn’t in another way.  I’m a pretty good actress.

I was depressed pretty much throughout my childhood, especially in my teens.  It continued into college and even after I had my kids.  I went to counseling finally and did try several years of anti-depressants which really did help.

But the thing that really got me off them for good and helped me see that life is so much better than it used to feel was when I found exercise.

Pushing my body, getting that endorphin rush, being happier with who I was and how I looked… that was how I changed my mindset.

Getting to help others find their way to a healthier life means so much to me, because I’m helping them see that their life CAN be better!  Maybe they aren’t depressed, but they aren’t happy with what’s going on either, and it’s something they CAN change!

Life is so much better for me since I changed my lifestyle.  If you suffer from depression, I strongly encourage you to reach out and tell someone.  I’ve been there, so I know how scary it is, but you are worth that step.  It can get better.

Learning who I am and how I tick has really helped me understand that it’s OK to feel down some days.  Some days I feel like I could take on the world!  Some days I don’t.  And both are just fine!  One thing is for sure, I have a whole lot to live for!

Not just for me; I have a family that needs me.  I have friends that count on me.  I now have a team that turns to me for motivation to live healthy.  I want to be that role model, but to truly be transparent you have to know that I have suffered right there with you.  More than anything, I can understand.  I’ve been depressed.  I’ve been suicidal.  I’ve overcome that.  I’m winning every day!  I want you to win too!

I’m sharing this to help.  If it’s helped you, or at least helped you understand a bit of my motivation, please let me know!  Comment, email me, share this with someone you think needs to hear it.  You are amazing!  Life CAN be amazing!  Never give up!


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