The struggle is real, people.

When I decided to become a Beachbody coach I was so apprehensive.  I mean, I wasn’t in the best shape.  I am not anyone special.  I don’t have a bazillion friends.  I’m NOT good at sales!

So, why did I do it?  Because I do believe in the products they offer.  I had gotten some pretty impressive results with P90X and had fallen in love with the culture of the team I had joined during my challenge group.

I wanted the discount so I could get Shakeology.  I’m NOT a good cook, in fact I hate cooking.  I would eat out twice a day every day if I could.  I just don’t like being in the kitchen!  So, with adding Shakeology once a day I knew my nutrition would be so much better, and it’s proven itself to me since I started over three years ago.  I’m so much healthier on the inside, where it truly matters!

I wanted to keep inspiring people!  I had an amazing team around me, but I was also inspiring people that were seeing the changes I was going through during that first program.  Some of them even reached out to me for help and that was humbling and inspiring to me!  I knew as a coach I could help make a difference in the lives of others.

So that’s why I started, but it hasn’t been an easy ride for me.

I struggle every day.  And I think that’s a good thing!

I struggle with comparing my success with the success of others.  This is my journey and I have to remember that it’s OK to take it slow and steady, as long as I keep moving forward.

I struggle with my sugar addiction.  I know what to do, I know how to do it, but the struggle is real on a daily basis.  It’s not easy for me, so I know it’s not easy for others as well!

I struggle with knowing how to help people.  As someone who isn’t good in the kitchen, you won’t see me post a whole bunch of new recipes I came up with, because I DON’T come up with new recipes!  Most of the time I just eat a bunch of veggies and call it good.  I still rely on Panera salads and Subway subs when I’m out and about.  I’m not an expert and don’t pretend to be one!  Another reason why Shakeology is a non-negotiable for me.

I struggle with my emotions.  As someone who has battled the demons of depression most of her life, I still have days I just want to hide.  Now, those days are much fewer than they used to be, but they do happen.  It’s hard to be upbeat and motivational while all I want to do is hide from the world.  Being a coach is teaching me to just stay as positive as I can while being me.  I’m not all sunshine and roses!  I have my good days and my bad days!

So friends, I wrote this today because the struggle is real.  It’s a struggle to get everything done.  It’s a struggle to stay committed.  But it’s a struggle that makes me stronger.  I’m stronger for myself and I’m stronger for my team because I need to be.  I want to be.  Helping others makes me stronger.

Helping others doesn’t mean my life is perfect.  Far from it.  But if I can help you, I’m helping myself.  I don’t take that opportunity for granted.  And I’ll never give up.


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