Wednesday Wisdom

So yeah.  This is my bit of wisdom for Wednesday.

Hug harder.

Laugh louder.

Smile bigger.

Love longer.

Truly, this is good for every single day.  So keep it handy!

Sometimes even when I’m not feeling it, I make sure to put a smile on my face.  By smiling at others, you can generally see them also put a smile on.  Doesn’t that just make your day when someone smiles at you?  Sometimes that even leads to a laugh.

I love to laugh.  I laugh as often as I can, often at myself.  Laughing WITH others is a way for me to make a humdrum day just so much brighter.

I’m a hugger.  I don’t get very many most days, because I have teenage boys in my house who have no interest in hugging their mom.  It’s cool, I get it.  But with my husband on the road all the time, my hugs are few most weeks.  Until I see my mom.  She is the worlds best hugger!  Thankfully, she taught me well the power of a wonderful hug.  Wrapping your arms around someone you care about and receiving the care they are giving you helps you both.  Don’t be afraid to hug!

I’ve loved my man for most of my life.  While that is a wonderful thing and I feel exceptionally grateful, I think this particular “love” doesn’t have to mean that sort of relationship.  Love others.  Spend time with people you love.  Be a help to someone you care about.  Giving love means you get love.  Not everyone responds well when you start loving on them, but generally when you show the love to others, they will respond in kind.  Try it!  Send out some love to someone today and see what happens.

That’s my wisdom for today.  It’s not truly that profound, but it’s my reminder today and every day!  Readers, I love you.  Even if I don’t know you, please know I’m smiling at you right now!


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