Snow Day!

I don’t get snow days in my line of work, but the kids do on occasion, and today is one.  This picture was actually from last year, but it was just about the cutest snow fort I had ever seen!  Made me want to get out and play!

What do you do on snowy days?  Maybe you don’t have them, but here in Michigan we get them… often.  Well, this year we have only had a couple, but some years we have such insane weather that we will have several in a row!  I won’t complain about this one, it was well deserved.  It’s pretty nasty out there.

When I was growing up, I LOVED snow days too!  We had the best neighborhood full of kids all around my age.  We would sleep in a bit and then head out to a hill and sled for hours, or build snow forts and snow men.  We would have snowball fights!  Someone would have a mom or big sister around to make us hot chocolate when we got too cold and then we would go back out and do it all over again!

Today I don’t see kids doing that sort of thing, so when I saw this snow fort I just had to remember all my fun snowy days from my childhood.  I feel pretty lucky to have had those experiences for sure!

Thankfully for me, today is my day off from my regular job anyway.  I need to get to an appointment soon, so I’ll have to see how much shoveling I have to do to get the car out, but it’s not as urgent as it would be on a work day.  Plus, I have one teenager at home that can help me!!!  If I can get him out of bed, that is.

So as much as I’m looking forward to spring and the amazing temps we had just a couple days ago to stick around for a while, I’ll enjoy the scenery today.  I hope to see some kids out playing, but even if I don’t, I remember my winter fun!

Winter as an adult is much different for me.  I try to see the beauty in it.  I try to smile through the lack of sunshine.  Sometimes it works, sometimes I struggle.  How does winter make YOU feel???


4 thoughts on “Snow Day!

    1. That is cool! I live close to several ski places (not really mountains, but they work) and have only snowboarded once. I was HORRIBLE!!! I skied the next time, which was better, but I haven’t had a chance to go back!

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