I run.  I run slower than most, faster than some, but I run.

It’s training season again for me.  Since becoming a runner just a few years ago, I’ve managed to run quite a few races and countless training miles.

This season I’m training for two races specifically.  The Gazelle Girl half marathon and the Fifth Third Riverbank 25k.  This will be my 11th half marathon and my 5th time doing the 25k.

I have no time goals this season.  My goals are only to help others reach their goals.

Becoming a team leader with my training group has afforded me some of the most valuable experiences I could ask for.  My group is my focus this year, not me.  I have done these before, this is all for my friends.

We are heading out for 10 miles today.  It’s been a while since I ran that far, so I’m trying to fuel up for the run properly.  It’s all about learning and knowing what your body needs.  I think I will be good to go very soon.  For some in my group, this will be the farthest they have EVER run!  I can’t wait to celebrate with hugs and high fives when we finish!

Winter is in full force.  We had a nice storm mid-week, but it’s been clear the last couple days.  It’s cold this morning, but definitely not the worst we’ve had by a long shot.  But cold won’t stop us from running.

I can’t imagine my life without running.  More importantly I can’t imagine my life without my running friends!  They help me get out of bed at o’dark-thirty like this morning!  They help me train, of course, but they motivate me more than they realize!

I refuse to hibernate.  I refuse to be that girl who used to sit on the couch and just get fatter all winter and then be miserable all summer because she was so uncomfortable in her body.  I want to feel good now, and feel even better in the summer!

Don’t give in to the temptation to let winter pass you by before you get active.  Physical activity leads to so many amazing things.  Increased levels of creativity and productivity, better relationships with yourself and others.  Let’s face it, endorphins are the HAPPY drug that is completely legal!!!!

Go out and get some.  GO!  Now!!!!  I mean it!


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