My Story Goes On

I’ve only dipped my toes into my story.  Everyone has one, and I’m no exception.  Today is a good day to share a little more with you.

I named my team “Fight For Fit” because every day is a fight for me.  I’ve been fighting all my life for things.  I’ll never stop fighting to be who and what I want to be.  My stubborn streak is truly so much more than a mile long!

Fighting for me isn’t always about using fists.  Mostly it’s words.  Words from other people, but words from myself.  Those words I tell myself on a daily, hourly basis are the substance of some of my biggest fights.

I fight negative thoughts every day.  I fight for my self-esteem.  That’s something I never had much of growing up, and I struggle with it now, but I know I’m worth more than I give myself credit for.  My joy now comes in showing others how much they are worth to me.

I fight for my health.  I struggle with early morning workouts and eating healthy.  But I have to do it, I don’t want to end up shortening my life because I was lazy or undisciplined.  It’s a choice we all are given, and I don’t want to waste this chance to make the rest of my life the best of my life.  So I fight.

Yesterday at church we had a very interesting sermon about loss.  I’ve lost a lot of people in my life, but haven’t we all?  What makes my situation different from anyone else?  What makes my situation or grief any more or less real?

I think it’s how we deal with it.  Whether we take the loss and use it to force us onto a better path or let ourselves get pulled down a road that we would never have considered had it not been for the loss.

Losing my dad at a young age brought me down.  Like, really down.  I didn’t want to do anything.  Not finish college, get married…. I was so depressed.  But I made a decision to continue on a path I had already started.  For better or worse, I fought for my future.  I fought for my life.

Now, things aren’t perfect, but looking back I can see that because I pushed through and fought my way past the searing pain of that loss, I’ve been able to overcome a lot.

I’ve helped to raise two pretty awesome boys.  I’ve helped a lot of my friends through a loss similar to my own.  I’ve been a friend and help to many.  I’m pretty proud of that.

Turning my loss into something good is all I can ask.  I still fight through the pain of losing my dad.  He’s always with me.  But now I use that pain for good every chance I get.  I see how strong I’ve become and know that it’s for a reason.

Maybe it’s to help you see how awesome you are as well.  I fight every day.  You can fight too.  Fight what it is that hurts you.  Fight your inner demons.

Fight FOR you.  Never stop fighting.


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