Victory Is Coming!

That’s right!  Today is the launch of a new program.  I know I talk about these things and it may bug you, but I do it because I love it!  I know how it feels to be miserable with myself.  I know how it feels to work hard and lose weight and get strong!

I know that sometimes it’s not feasible to workout at a gym.  I’ve done memberships before and usually fizzled out after just a few months, or less.  When I discovered I could get world class workouts and do them at home and at a much lower cost than what I was paying, I jumped in and haven’t looked back.

Yes, they are a small investment.  I know that.  I buy them myself!  But, the best thing about owning it is that you can do it AGAIN!  You can repeat programs!  I do it!  Most of us do it!  That’s the whole point!

You also get a coach like me that will work hard to keep you on track and motivated.  My job is to help you.  I can’t do it for you, but I can check in with you, push you, kick your butt if needed!  The coolest thing is that I could use a good butt kicking on occasion myself!  I’m human just like you.  I struggle, just like you.  But I know we can do it.  I’ve done it before, and I’ll keep on doing it as long as I can!

I honestly know from experience that it takes a decision to achieve a dream.  For me, the decision was that I was sick of not feeling my best AND I knew that I wanted to be here for my family.  Losing my dad at a young age and then seeing how unhealthy my mom was (and still is, sometimes you just can’t force a change) helped me make the decision to get up off my ass and change.  The decision was the easy part.  Doing it was not nearly as easy.

But it was worth it!

Every single day I workout.  Every day I make a decision to try.  Every day I make a decision on what to eat, sometimes I win, sometimes I fail.  Every day I help people.  I will never stop working toward my victory!  What will you do to succeed???

I’m ordering 22 Minute Hard Corps today.  I will start the program next week and start a new challenge group on March 14.  You can be doing any program, of course, but we can support each other every day.

Are you ready to EARN your victory???  I’m so ready to give you my ALL and help YOU succeed!!!!



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