There is Struggle…

Every story has a struggle.

Think about it, even children’s stories and fairy tales have struggles in them.  The prince that has to battle the dragon to save the princess.  The little girl who has to figure out which porridge to eat.  They all struggle, and so do we.

I struggle too.  My life has been a series of struggles, not unlike everyone else.  I’m thankful for my struggles because they have made me who I am.  They have made me stronger!

The thing with struggle is, how we learn to deal with it is more important than the actual thing itself.  Yes, I’m talking about your attitude.

This morning I begrudgingly did my workout.  I didn’t want to.  I’m not happy with how my body is handling the amazingly tough workouts of the program I’m doing, so with less than a week left, I could have just scrapped it.  Phoned it in.  But I didn’t.  I made a decision to have the best attitude about it that I could muster and push.  Now I’m happy I did, but in the moment it wasn’t easy.

Then the trainer (Autumn Calabrese) said something toward the end that resonated even though I’ve heard it so many times before…. 70% of people who start a workout plan quit before they are done.  Not you.  Not this time.

You know what?  She’s right.

I’ve been that quitter before.  I think I’ve joined and quit a gym at least 3 times in my life.  I’ve quit more than I’ve finished, that’s for sure.  Until I found the support of my team, I was a serial quitter.  But not now.  Not this time.  I won’t quit on myself anymore.

Because that’s what it is.  It’s about me and my story.  My story will NOT end with me quitting on myself!  I’m worth so much more than I used to give myself credit for.  The thing is… so are YOU!

Struggle is real.  I’ll likely feel it again today, tomorrow, it’s part of life.  But how we DEAL with the struggle is what makes our story ordinary or AMAZING!

Don’t we all want to be amazing???  I know I do!

So, suck it up.  Struggle away.  And realize that for every struggle you go through, you get that much stronger.  You write another chapter in your story.  You become the hero instead of the wimp.

You, my dear reader friend, are a winner.  Make THAT your story.


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