I’ve been thinking about time this week.  I found this quote on Pinterest and it was perfect for what I wanted to write about today, even though I’m not a Buddhist.

Most of us go through life thinking “I’ll do it someday” or “when I have more time I will…”.  Well, what if there was no more time?

What if tomorrow didn’t come?

I’m not trying to bring you down, just the opposite.  See, the thing is, I spent a lot of years putting off some pretty important stuff.  I thought I would have time to tell people how I felt about them.  I figured I had time to get healthy.  There were years ahead of me to make my dreams come true.


But the last couple of weeks have awakened a heightened sense of urgency to all these things.  It’s hitting me that we are not guaranteed tomorrow.  That doesn’t scare me, but it does make me want to work hard in the time I have here on earth to HELP as many people as I can.  To LOVE as much as possible!

Because when people remember me someday, and someday this will happen, I want them to remember a girl who LOVED deeply.  Who helped ANYONE who was asking for help.  That stayed positive in the face of great trials.  That’s who I want to be when my time comes.

Yesterday going around my friends on Facebook, there was one of those little “games” that you click on to get your personal quote.  I did it, but I didn’t post it, because it was NOT something I believe in.  Mine said something like “life always gives you a second chance, it’s called tomorrow.”  But see, life doesn’t ALWAYS give you tomorrow.

Tomorrow is NOT guaranteed.  That’s why it’s so important to do the thing TODAY!  Love, learn, listen, work…. TODAY!  We might not be here tomorrow, so give that hug.  Send that card.  Reach out to someone.

Time is a funny thing.  Some days time just creeps along.  Nothing much exciting happens.  Some days you blink and years have gone by.  I see this in my kids especially.  How the HECK did I have babies who are so grown up already?  I was just kissing boo-boos a minute ago, now they are bigger than me and one can even vote!

Today is all we have.  Live, love, give like there’s no tomorrow.  I’ll pray that tomorrow is just as amazing, but if it comes I urge you to make it count.  Some day isn’t guaranteed.

Today.  Do it now.


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