Don’t Think.

I think that’s exactly what I’ve been doing too much of lately.  Thinking.

This morning I’m headed out to meet my group for our Saturday training run.  Eleven miles ahead of us and it’s still very winter.  It snowed overnight.  There is at least a fresh inch out there.  It’s still snowing.

I’ve run in worse, colder, more brutal conditions for sure, but it’s always hard to think about.  So I need to stop thinking.

Put on my shoes and layer up and run.  That’s the plan.

Get out of my head, talk to my friends, stop worrying about every little thing!

I will try to find the beauty in the winter scene around me.  I know there will be plenty of things to see, I know the route we are taking well enough, but I doubt I’ll take my phone out to take pictures as that would mean taking off my gloves.

So I may not have evidence of it, but that’s ok.  Sometimes memories are enough.

Sometimes I have to stop thinking about it.  Just do it.

Nike makes a good point with their logo.  I think I’ll go with that this morning.

And I’ll look forward to meeting my team after the run for a nice hot breakfast!!!  We haven’t done this before, but today we are planning to stop at a local place for some good food and friendship time.  Now THAT is something wonderful to think about!

Everything is more fun when surrounded by friends.  Especially running in the snow!


3 thoughts on “Don’t Think.

  1. I still begin each run thinking: what if I can’t even get to the end of the road?? You’re right. Sometimes you just need to get out there and do it!


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