Year of Growth

So we are two months in to the year.  I’m not one for resolutions, so I didn’t set any, but I did make some goals for myself.  One big one is growth.

What do I mean by growth?  For sure it’s not physical…. if anything I want to LOSE 10 pounds!  But I mean personal growth.  Learning, becoming a better person, kicking my own butt… that sort of growth.

How have I done so far on my goals?  Pretty darn good, actually!

I’ve read several books, I would have to go back and think about it if I was to count them (I’m still not organized… another goal) but I’ve gotten into a nice rhythm of reading at least 10 minutes every morning.  I’ve also been listening to several podcasts per week on leadership, on coaching, on having a great life.  Anything positive!  If I had a longer commute to work I’m sure I would have more time for that, but I’m lucky to live 3 miles from my office!

Yesterday I finished the program The Master’s Hammer & Chisel that I started in January.  I am glad I finished even if I didn’t really feel like it, nor did I see much physical change, there’s something about actually finishing something that sure gives you a sense of accomplishment.

It’s a great program, and one I’m sure I’ll go back to for some of the strength workouts, but it was not designed for my body style…. live and learn!  That’s my process!

So, finishing a 60 day program like that makes me stronger.  Makes me fierce.  Today I started a new one.  I’ll finish it too, because that’s what gets me closer to my goals.

Sure, you can talk the talk… I want to get healthy, I want to lose weight, I want to learn a new skill…. but if you don’t put some action behind your words, they are just words.

I’m putting action behind my goals.  I think that’s something I’ve slacked on my whole life.  I dream big, but do I work big?  Not always!

I’m a baby-step kind of person, and that’s OK.  Baby steps in the right direction will get you there… even if it’s slower than others.  Strong and steady wins the race, remember???  I’ll be a tortoise, that doesn’t bother me one bit.

But I will be unstoppable.  I will be fierce.  I will NEVER GIVE UP!


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