Yes, today is primary day in Michigan.  I don’t always feel compelled to vote in the primary, (bad, I know) but today I do.  I’m going to head out very soon to do this because the quality of the candidates on both sides of the election honestly scare me to death.

Our country is at a crossroads.  We need to use our vote to give our voice to the race for president.  I know that one vote is just one vote, but it’s my right, my honor, and my responsibility to vote.

It’s yours too.

Get to your precinct.  Get there and vote.  Use your voice.

I don’t care which side your on, but use your head and do it.

Meanwhile…. I’m with the wine party.  Because the Democrats and Republicans are both crazy.

Vote now.  Drink later.  I guess that’s the plan!!!!


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