I’ve been re-reading “The Slight Edge” by Jeff Olson this week.  I’ve read an older version twice before, but found a newer version that really was a complete re-write.  Even though it’s worded a little differently and full of other stories, it’s the same principles.

One of the biggest takeaways for me is consistency.

At Summit last year, I was overwhelmed by the amount of amazing people who all attributed their success to personal development.  Reading a good and helpful book (not a novel, not that those aren’t allowed on occasion) about a topic that makes sense for you.  Ten minutes a day or more.  Just ten minutes?  Heck, I can do that, right?

Trouble was, I wasn’t doing it.  Not consistently.

Until last summer.  That’s when I made that commitment to myself that I was going to make that few minutes a day count by getting my hands and my head into those books.  I would listen to a podcast if I didn’t have time to read.  I would watch videos if I had to, anything to make me a better me.

Last night, I had the best compliment of my life.  I was called a leader.  I’ve never been called that before, and never really thought I would, but someone I trust and care about said those awesome words to me.  And they lit a fire under me that I just had to share!

You see, I tried to be a leader as a kid.  But I had the wrong idea of what a leader was.  I thought a leader was someone people just naturally followed.  I thought a leader was strong, outspoken, maybe a little pushy.  I was (thankfully) not those things.

I ran for student council.  I lost.  I ran for choir president…. I got vice president.  I figured I just didn’t have it in me.

I’m learning that I DO have what it takes.  It takes the ability to stick to your goals!  Small choices made daily.  Doing the work.  That’s it!

Consistent effort plus time equals results.

I should know this, I’m an endurance athlete, for crying out loud.  How did I train for a marathon?  Consistent effort over time.

I didn’t just wake up one day and lost 50 pounds.  Heck NO!  It took me 18 months or so of consistent effort.  I still have to make that effort!  If I were to go back to the habits that got me fat in the first place, I would be fat again in no time!

We all just need to learn a little patience.  I realize that our current culture is so skewed to the instant gratification of technology, fast food, movies that show an entire life in 2 hours…. it’s difficult to think that our lives will take TIME.  Our goals take time.

But it will happen.  IF you give it the time!

Consistency.  Do the thing.  Do it every day.

Like I always say… never give up.


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