Sometimes the hardest part is getting out the door.

I have 12 miles on the plan for today.  My legs are already tired, but I know that once I get going I can do anything.

Mind over matter, right?

Even though I really want to stay in my warm house and snuggle with my husband who is actually home today (life of a trucker, you never know when he will be around!) I know I’ll get those miles in.

Because I’m a runner.  Because I have a team of people counting on me.

We named our pace group Team R.I.O.T this year.  It stands for Running Is Our Therapy.  How true is that?   While we run we can talk about anything.  I swear it’s better than a shrink!  I should know, I used to go to one.  Plus the endorphin???  Yeah, cheapest therapy on earth.

But right now I need to gear up.  Pick the proper layers.  It’s a little chilly, but nothing like last week.  I can do this.  YOU can do this.

Whatever it is that will make YOU better, stronger, healthier….. today, make a commitment to DO it.  No, it doesn’t have to be a 12 mile run (but it could be) but it has to be SOMETHING.

Do the thing.  Every day.  And never, ever, give up.


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