Shakeology Helps…

I have to preface this post with the fact that I went to the doctor last week.  I had a physical and it was just fine (except the tetanus shot I had to get, which was still not a big deal) and I’m healthy as a horse.

Now, what I want more than anything, is that everyone in my life will be in the same boat as me!

I am friends with lots of runners.  I love running, this is not news to you if you’ve followed this blog for more than a few weeks.  I know that most of my running friends complain that they don’t really know how to eat to fuel their workouts.  Some of them want to lose a few pounds.

Since I’m still hanging on to my holiday fluff as well, so I could use some accountability, and although I LOVE my team and our challenge groups, I want to open up a group JUST for runners!

So, in two weeks, I will start a group on Facebook (or the new challenge app, not sure I’m in love with that yet) for runners or endurance athletes that need help with nutrition and are willing to give Shakeology a 30 day trial!

We will share recipes and tips, encourage each other to track our food and how we feel before and after a given workout.  We will follow our own training plans, each of us has different race goals!  Strength workouts are a given, but you do your thing. I’ll continue with 22 Minute Hard Corps at home.

Runners and other athletes might need more calories, and specifically more carbs than someone who just works out at home trying to lose weight or get in shape.  I know this because I generally have to eat more than what my Beachbody program plan will say just so I can keep running.  I’m also active at work, so my body just needs that fuel to function more than someone who might work at a desk all day.

I think this group can really make a difference for my friends!  If you’re one of them, I would encourage you to try!  Because Shakeology comes with a money back, bottom of the bag guarantee, you have literally NOTHING to lose except a few pounds, possibly a few points off your cholesterol!  My numbers are the BEST my doctor has ever seen and after being on high blood pressure medication for 10 years, my readings now are perfect WITHOUT meds!  How’s that for life changing!!!

Yes, the exercise we do is awesome, but nutrition paired with it WILL make a difference.  Who knows?  You might even shave off a few pounds which could lead to a new PR!  Wouldn’t that be worth a little bit of daily effort????

Let’s get you in the BEST shape for 2016 race season!!!!


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