Love Your Body

I think one of the saddest things I see on a daily basis is body shaming.  I mean we all have a body.  A unique, individual, amazing, miracle of a body!  It truly doesn’t matter what it looks like on the outside, it’s about health and happiness in my mind that make a person beautiful.

I was complimented yesterday by two different people that I hadn’t seen in a while how good I was looking.  Now, of course that is a wonderful compliment to receive, but I know in my head that I’m still a little fluffy around my middle and I’m not where I TRULY want to be physically.

But I stopped myself from thinking that.  I know I’m healthy.  I know I’m working hard, every day.  I know that it is NOT about what pant size I wear that makes me beautiful!

I’d like to believe that my beauty is much more than what you see in my dress.  It’s about what’s behind my eyes.  It’s what’s in my heart.  I have a heart that wants to love on everyone.  I have eyes that want to look into yours and appreciate who YOU are.  I love people!

So as I took in those compliments and then proceeded to run a killer track workout last night in 25 mph winds (yes, it was like cardio and resistance training all in one!) I realized once again that this body is MY miracle.  It doesn’t matter what size I wear, or what size you wear.  It’s about what we can do with these amazing machines we are gifted with that matters!!!!

I’m training my miracle machine to be badass.  You can too.  It takes a decision, a plan, a commitment and an ounce of determination.  Skinny may or may not happen, and I could personally care less about that.  I just want to be fierce, strong, and healthy.

So, girls especially… we need to stop shaming.  Stop comparing ourselves to others.  No matter what size you are, you are amazing!  I mean this for fit girls too, because believe it or not, they get shamed for their size as well!  I see so often that very fit women get shamed for having a six pack… STOP IT!  That woman literally worked her ass off to get those abs back…. she does NOT deserve to get shamed for it!  Just like I won’t shame myself or anyone else for NOT having a flat tummy!

Stop shaming yourself.  Stop worrying about the size on the tag, or the number on the scale.  Just worry about how you FEEL and your HEALTH.  Those are WAY more important places to put your concern.

Love yourself.  Honor yourself.  Work hard.  Eat clean.  And above all… never give up.


One thought on “Love Your Body

  1. It couldn’t get any better.
    Thanks for your inspiring words.
    I am glad to have connected.
    I resonate every word you say and I will follow it. Thank you.


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