Who, Me?

When I was growing up, my dad was encouraging me to study computers or maybe engineering after high school.  I got good grades, and math and science were my favorite classes, but I knew I couldn’t hack it at those kinds of things.  I was way too creative for that, and much too carefree.

I had decided at the age of about 3 that I wanted to perform.  Now, nobody takes a 3 year old seriously, so of course I didn’t really get any training or anything.  I was just a kid in a small town with dreams of a huge future.

In seventh grade social studies class, we were talking about what we wanted to be when we grew up.  I said an opera singer.  I got laughed out of the classroom.  But I didn’t care.

In high school, I joined the choir, took private lessons, and got pretty good at singing.

I decided to study music in college.  I poured myself into music like it was the only thing in the world that mattered, because at the time it really was.  I even dropped my math class senior year because I was POSITIVE I wasn’t going to need to know Calculus to get a music degree.

Of course, I would have LOVED to study somewhere out west, or in New York, but I chose to stay in state due to the fact that my parents couldn’t afford to send me to a private school.  I knew I would be paying a lot of loans back, and wanted to keep them to a minimum.

I have NO regrets about choosing WMU and getting my degree in Vocal Music.  None, except that I realized before my last semester or two that I really didn’t want to TEACH music, I wanted to perform.

Well, as a realist, and with some other life situations that arose about that time, that just wasn’t going to pay the bills.  So I was practical.  Got a job.  Got married and had my kids.  NONE of which I regret at all, I love my family!  It certainly put my dreams in a little box, however, because the only performing I do now is at church.  I love it, and it means the world to me, but some how my dream of being on stage got pushed aside.

Enter my love of fitness.  I think it’s easy for me to open up about my struggles and my journey because I’ve always felt like I was an open book anyway.  Performing means opening up.  Being vulnerable.  Showing something inside yourself that might be uncomfortable.

Coaching has come somewhat naturally to me, even though it is a surprise in a lot of ways too.  Now, the getting myself organized is a completely different issue…. and one I could really use help with!  But I’m learning.  I’m making myself better all the time.  I’m never going to stop trying.

I love to surprise people anyway.  Who knows… I might just throw another surprise your way soon…. guess you better stay tuned!!!


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