Take The Step

As I’ve been working through the book I’m currently reading, The Slight Edge, by Jeff Olson, this has been something that stuck out to me like duh… but it’s so easy NOT to do it!

When you have a plan, or a goal, or whatever… sometimes taking the first step is the hardest, right?  It’s that way sometimes for running or doing a workout.  First you have to put on the shoes and start.  That can be really difficult!

But what about when you’ve been taking the steps?  You’re not seeing a difference just yet, but it’s still hard to get started each day.  What do you do then?

You have to KEEP taking the steps!

In order for the Slight Edge to work in your favor instead of against you, you have to DO the thing you’re working on.  Every day.  Every day.  Every day.

If you quit, you’ll NEVER get there!

It’s the same thing for fitness goals, professional goals, personal goals.

You want that promotion?  You better be putting in the work EVERY day to show your boss how amazing you are.

You want a better relationship with your partner?  You need to communicate your feelings, your desires, and LISTEN to them EVERY day… not just when it’s convenient for you.

You want to get fit?  You have to follow your plan… that’s right… EVERY day!  Even rest days!  They are part of the plan!!!!

Ok, I’m keeping this one short.  But, I am writing it because for me, this blog is an every day (except Sunday).  I’m doing it for me AND for anyone who wants to take a few minutes to get to know me.

I also have to work today.  I’ll miss my running group, and that bums me out.  But I still did my workout.  I still took the steps.

Take the darn step!


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