Hello, Spring!

Yes, my favorite time of year is almost here in Michigan!  It’s springtime!  Officially, anyway.  It’s still pretty cold this week.

But the birds have been chirping.  I’m seeing flowers start to bud, trees will soon be full of green leaves.  It’s coming!

What does spring mean to you?  To me it means a promise of new life.  Warmer weather ahead.  Colors popping up from the new life awakened from the once frozen ground.

I love spring!

It also means my birthday, my kids’ birthdays, my husband’s birthday… we are all spring babies!  It’s such a happy time of year for me!

Plus, I love summer.  Which is nearer than it feels right now (as I’m sitting here listening to the weather person on TV tell me about the winter storm watch we have this coming week), and I can’t wait.

I live in a beautiful spot.  Close to beaches, parks, sand dunes, and forests.  I get to explore these areas in spring and summer.  I’m looking forward to finding some new things to see this year.  To taking some time in nature to just enjoy it.  Spring means those chances are coming soon!

Spring to me also means a clean start.  I’m looking forward to making a weekend free to just clean the house.  Get out the clutter.  Organize our lives.  I haven’t done a good job of that the last couple of years, but this year I am making it my mission to get rid of stuff.  Anything I haven’t used in a year or more is OUT!  Even saying it feels good.. I can’t wait to actually do it.

This weekend I rested a lot.  It felt great and I’m feeling energized and ready for a big week.  Next weekend, I’m looking forward to starting the big clean up!  I know it will be a big job, but once it’s done, I will truly be able to enjoy the spring!

Happy spring, everyone!  Get out and enjoy it!!!


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