Food Matters

For a few years now, I’ve been really trying to learn more about food and how our bodies need to be nourished instead of just restricting calories.  I’m learning more and realizing I still have SO much to learn!

This week I’m taking advantage of a free Wellness Summit by Food Matters.TV that is truly eye opening.

I know that what we eat makes our bodies either healthy and fit or sick and tired.  I know this, because I’ve lived with both choices!  I’m just one of a million living examples of how food effects our lives.

Not just our bodies, our lives.

Yes, our bodies will show how healthy we are in our size, our skin, our physical abilities.  That’s just cause and effect in action.  When we fill our bodies with chemicals and processed foods, we get sicker from the inside, and that often shows up on our waistlines first.

If you’re trying to just lose weight, you might turn to those highly processed freezer meals, diet sodas, and fat free snack packs.  Well, you might lose some weight, but will you be healthier?  No.  I would beg to differ.

And I’m speaking from experience here, I have DONE this, people!  It’s just not sustainable and doesn’t get you the health levels that you desire.

What works is eating living foods.  Plants; lots of different fruits and vegetables.  Healthy fats.  Organic whenever possible to lower the amount of toxins we consume.

And you know what?  It’s not that difficult… once you make a decision to live healthy.

I’m still working on my journey to the healthiest life I can live.  Learning more and working to make sure I can be my best.  Feeling better all the time too!  Looking better is just the proverbial icing on the cake!

Are you looking for a healthier life?  Are you looking at the foods you eat?  I would love to connect and talk about it!

Food matters.  There are studies and documentaries and all sorts of experts on the subject, but personally I can tell you…. it really matters.



3 thoughts on “Food Matters

      1. I know! The part of Australia I live in is pretty health conscious but there are still things I see that really shock me, like sugry cereals being advertised as a healthy breakfast choice. I think each year we get better with understanding more about nutrition so hopefully more people get on board 🙂


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