I’m sort of at one of those times in life where I can see a crossroads.  I’m one of those people who likes to weigh the options, do the research, make a plan.

But I have a hard time pulling the trigger and starting.

Yup, that’s me.  Call it commitment issues, I don’t know what it is.  Likely it’s just a lack of self-confidence, which I’m also working on, but something hit me in my morning reading today.

Nothing will get done if we don’t BEGIN!

Duh… like of course, that’s true.  DUH!

So why is it so hard sometimes?  I have yet to figure that out… I’m definitely a work in progress… but when I find the answer, you can be sure I’ll let you know.

Until then… I’m making plans to get to work on my business, myself, my knowledge base… yeah, I have a lot to figure out.  But I’m starting.

Today and tomorrow I have birthday kids in my house.  Yes, my boys are exactly three years and one day apart!  No, it wasn’t planned that way, it just happened.  But it’s kind of cool.  Today my older son turns 20.  Holy CRAP!  How did that happen???  I know the calendar says it, but I don’t feel old enough to have a son that old.  But it’s true.  I’ll talk about the other one tomorrow, but here’s my baby….


Yes… he’s changed a bit.  But I love this kid!!!!

Ok… have a great day!  Whatever goal you’re working on, you have my permission to BEGIN!


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