Yeah… changes are inevitable.  They can be scary, they can be fun, but they are always disruptive in some way.

I know that I need to change some things, and I’m working on that plan, taking that first step like I talked about yesterday.  I’m not always good with change.  Just ask my husband!

But I know that right now I’m doing too much to give my all to one thing and do it well.  So, change must happen.

It won’t be overnight, it can’t be, but that’s OK too.  I believe in baby steps.

As long as you take the steps.

It’s the same in life, health, whatever.  If you want something to change YOU have to take that first step.  It doesn’t have to be perfect, you don’t have to figure it all out ahead of time, but you have to start.

In my health journey, I started by running 3 days a week.  Several months later, I started doing other workouts and then slowly worked on changing my food.  I still work on it.  Every day!  I will for life, because life is about learning and growing and changing.

Someone else is growing and changing in my house… my second son.  It’s his 17th birthday today.  My baby!  He’s so grown up now, deep voice, as tall as his dad, facial hair…. but he’s still my baby.  Always will be.  That is one thing that will NEVER change!

Wasn’t he a cutie???


I do NOT have any new pictures because just like his brother, he avoids the camera.  Like, physically runs every time I try to take a picture.  Which is a shame, because under all his crazy hair and hormones, he’s really a handsome young man.

Anyway, happy birthday, David.  You will always be my little buddy, my baby, my snuggle bunny…. I love you so much!!!

You’ve changed, but a mama’s love NEVER ends.  No matter what.


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