Respect Your Body

This is a little different post, because I’m doing something I don’t usually do today.

I’m skipping my morning workout.

Let me explain…..

I get up early and workout before I head to the office pretty much every day.  Like every day.  Right now, my body is screaming at me that I’m doing too much.  I started running six years ago, found Beachbody four years ago, and never really have taken much of a break.  Coming up to another birthday this month, my body is really yelling at me that I’m doing too much.

I’m starting to listen.

I’m a hardheaded person, just ask my husband.  But I’m realizing it’s time to respect my body and slow down a bit.

No, I’ll never quit.  Never!  But, there’s a limit to what I can handle right this minute.  My body is so tired!  I’m starting to listen.

Yeah, I’m skipping my morning workout today.  Because it’s still winter here in Michigan, I’m choosing to NOT run this evening, and I’ll do my workout then.  Yes, it’s completely different than what I usually do.  I have a little anxiety about this, but it’s what my body is telling me to do, and I’m listening.

I will fuel my body today.  I will challenge it later.  I move every day.  Today I’m respecting the exhaustion and loving my body.

Sometimes the best laid plans need to be adjusted.  That doesn’t mean you give up and just throw in the towel!  Heck no!  It simply means you adjust.  Schedule, fuel, workout choice…. it’s all adjustable.  If something isn’t workout, or isn’t working any longer… change it.

More about that soon, as decisions are being made about the next phase after my spring races, but I’m listening.  My body is awesome.  It’s not perfect, but it’s powerful.  It’s not skinny, but it’s strong.  And right now… it’s tired!!!!

I’m nearly 44 years old.  Time to grow up and stop trying to show up the younger people in my life!!!


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