Discoveries And Changes

The past few weeks have been really tough for me.  Between some health issues for me, a job change for one son and a school change for the other, I’m all in a tizzy half the time.

But we are figuring it out.

On the health side, I found out on Friday that the main causes of my symptoms are a significant Vitamin D deficiency as well as low Iron, so supplementation has already begun for both of those.

I don’t love taking medicine or pills of any kind, so I’ve been trying to figure out the most natural ways to do this, but of course I need the extra in a pill form at least for now, hopefully not forever, but I have to start feeling like ME again.  I’m still a ways off on that.

The kids will be just fine.  I have to trust that I’ve done what I can as their mom to make sure they have the skills to succeed.  They are both such great young men, even if they don’t quite see it yet.

We are now a family with four licensed drivers and four cars.  I honestly wasn’t prepared for how that would feel!  I knew it was coming, I’ve been anticipating it for a while.  But somehow I feel like my babies are gone.  Yes, they still live in my house, but they are SO much more independent.  I struggle to balance how much I need to be in their lives.  But we will find it.

It’s all about discovering our new roles.  Making changes as they grow.  Healing my body from becoming more damaged and repairing damage I may have done.

It’s going to take time.  But you know…. I’ll never give up.


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