Thank You!

My journey is FAR from over.  I’m struggling to heal my body, but I won’t give up.

It’s my birthday, which is no big deal.  But I love the fact that I can say that I look forward to having MANY more!

My dad was only 4 years older than I am now when he passed.  That won’t be happening to me.  I’m certain of it!  But if it did, I want no regrets.

I want to work hard, play hard, live my life with integrity.

Being here and being present with my friends and family is why I work so hard.

For any of you who have been a part of my journey, of my journey to come… I thank you.

I thank you for support, for friendship, for keeping me in line!

This is short and sweet, but I just want to say thanks.  The blog will keep coming… soon.  I just need to heal!

And of course, I need to celebrate my birthday MY way…. with a half marathon on Sunday.  Yes, I’m that kind of crazy.


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