I know I’ve talked about this before, but it’s so important to listen to your body!

I needed to write this today as a reminder to myself to do just that.

I’ve been struggling with what I now know is a severe Vitamin D deficiency as well as low Iron.  Thinking back on it, I have a feeling it’s been about 18-24 months of those things dipping lower and lower before I finally hit bottom a couple weeks ago.

I had no idea!  But I’m pretty stubborn and think I’m invincible.  Not unlike my goofy teenagers, I sometimes need to stop and think before I just push myself like crazy.

Now that I know what’s wrong and I’m on a path to fix it, I have to remember that it’s ok to take things easy.  Also since I ran that half marathon on Sunday…. yeah, my legs are reminding me of that every time I stand up.

So, I’m listening, finally.  I’m going to take things easy this week.  Stretching, walking, but not going crazy with workouts.  Eating well, drinking lots of water, that’s where my focus is going to be.

Soon I’ll get back to my regular morning workouts.  I’ll re-start the 22 Minute Hard Corps program when I’m ready.  I’d like to say it will be next Monday, but to be honest, I need to see how I feel first.

I promise to listen next time my body tells me something.  I don’t want to feel like I felt when my levels were so low EVER again!  It was awful!!!!

But, even with that, I’ll never give up.  I have a LOT of life left to live!!!!


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