I couldn’t figure out how to post my feelings about the world losing a talent like Prince  yesterday.  Yes, I know I didn’t know him personally, I never even saw him live in concert, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t join the world in mourning his loss.

Growing up with his music, having his lyrics in my head since I can remember… he was a part of all our lives.

Music has always been a very important part of my life.  From the songs at church and Sunday school as a child, my piano lessons as a young child… all those songs are still a part of who I am.

When I was still in elementary school I saved up and bought my Walkman and first cassette tapes for it.  I wore that thing out listening at home, at recess, everywhere I could!  There were many times I was caught singing along with my headphones on and people laughed.  But that was me.  That was my escape from the dismal reality of my life.

I remember when I bought the soundtrack to Purple Rain.  I was mesmerized by that one.  I’m sure I wore out the tape in that little Walkman!  Every note was embedded in my memory.  It’s a part of who I am as a musician even today!

I’m not half the musician Prince was.  He was a magician, a poet, an innovator.  He allowed kids like me to dream of being brave with music, with fashion, with life.  He truly was a part of my adolescence.  A part that I’m sure if it didn’t exist, I wouldn’t be the same.

Mourning a celebrity like Prince isn’t the same as mourning a family member, of course.  I’ve lost lots of those too.  But it’s still a loss that we feel deeply.

Thankfully, artists like him left us their legacy to enjoy for the remainder of our lives.

I will be watching, listening, enjoying Prince for many years to come.  I’m sure many of my friends will as well.

Music brings us together.  Music makes us human, brings beauty to our lives.  Prince embodied the art of music like no other.  He’s gone too soon.

God bless you, Prince.  You will never be forgotten.


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