You’re Not Too Old

No matter how old you are, there is always time to chase a new dream. Set a new goal.

I have always joked, semi-seriously, that I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up.  That’s still sort-of true.  I’ve just turned 44 years old.  You’d think I may have this whole “life” thing all figured out.  But I don’t.

See, as we get older, as our kids grow and our lives change, I think it’s important to set new goals.  Dream new dreams.  Become something you never thought you could!  We aren’t too old, what’s age but a number anyway?

I didn’t start running until I was 38 years old.  That’s right, just 6 years ago (this weekend, actually).  That first day I could barely run 50 feet!  But over time, with persistent dedication, I became the runner I am today.  I have continually set higher running goals and have met and exceeded some of them!

Before I started running, I was overweight, out of shape, and very unhealthy.  Now I’m a healthy weight, my body is healthy and I’m more athletic than I ever thought possible!

My point is, you’re never too old.  I thought I was, being “middle aged” was probably not the best time in my life to make a change, but I did it.  I continue to do it!  I may be older, but I’m smarter.  I’m more determined to make the future what I want, not what someone else thinks I should want!

Don’t let anyone else tell you you can’t.  You can do ANYTHING you want to do!  Sure, it will take time, it will take hard work.  But anything worth having does just that.  You have to earn those goals.

I’m still figuring things out in regards to my own goals.  I’m working on getting my body back on track after being diagnosed deficient in Vitamin D and Iron.  I’m taking my meds, being as active as I can be, but giving myself lots of grace in regards to my energy levels.

I have this huge goal race in about 11 days, my longest run of the year, a 25k.  That’s 15.5 miles.  I’ve done it 4 years in a row, this makes 5, and I don’t want to skip it.  I know full well that my time won’t be fast, will likely be the slowest I’ve run it, but I’m OK with that.  I just want to finish.  And I will.

Giving up is not an option.  There are other goals I’m still trying to figure out, but this is one that is at the front of my mind right now.

I believe in myself.  I believe in my team.  I know I will succeed, and if you’re willing to put in the work, I believe you will too!


2 thoughts on “You’re Not Too Old

  1. Good on you for chasing your dream! One thing I would add is set a goal that’s not just achievable but also is something you can continue doing. Something like I’m gonna run X miles a week. Otherwise You’ll need to keep setting goals and every time might be a point of stopping.


    1. That’s a good point! I’ve definitely changed my goals as time has gone by. I really just want to stay active and be able to keep running until I’m an old lady! I love seeing 80 year old’s out running 5k’s and stuff! That will be me someday!


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