You Matter

This has been a tough season for me, and it’s continuing on much longer than I expected.

After being diagnosed deficient in Vitamin D and Iron about a month ago, I mistakenly figured after a week or two on the supplements I need I would be back to normal.  This was after the nurse on the phone told me it would take a while.  Yeah, I know… I need to listen with my ears.. duh.

Because it’s taking a much longer time than I was prepared for to truly feel better.

I am better, I know I am, but I’m not 100% better yet.  Not feeling like “me” is really difficult, but it could be SO much worse!

I am going to listen to my own advice above and look after myself.  I am worth taking care of so I can take care of others!

If that means I can’t do my workouts, so be it.  If it means I need to rest, I will rest.

But yes, I am that stubborn person who won’t let herself or her team down as well.

I ran the miles I needed to on Saturday.  It was a beautiful morning to run, and it was our last long training run before this coming weekend’s 25k race.  So I ran.

I feel as ready as I possibly can be in the situation I’m in.  I will finish the 25k.  It won’t be pretty, but I’ll get there.

I have no plans to get a good time (for me) or to set a record…. just finishing is the goal.

If I can help someone else, that’s going to be a huge victory!

Because helping others is always a goal of mine!

This week will be about resting, fueling, hydrating, stretching and foam rolling.  I’ll try to get in some yoga, maybe a PiYo workout or two… but that’s about it.  I’ll run on Wednesday, take a walk if the weather is nice… but I won’t overdo it.

I’ll do all this for me.  So that I’m in the best shape I can be come Saturday.

Looking after yourself… doing what needs to be done… resting when you need to rest.  It’s a lesson that’s not always easy, especially for moms.  We think we need to do everything for everyone else all the time!

Just don’t lose sight of the fact that YOU are always a priority.  After all, if you don’t take care of you, you can’t take care of others either!


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