Run, Rest, Repeat

Tomorrow is race day.  This picture is from the first year I ran the Fifth Third Riverbank Run 25k.  The year was 2012, I had JUST turned 40 a few weeks before, and I felt more accomplished than I had ever dreamed!

I trained for that race all on my own.  This was before I found my much loved running group and before I realized just how amazing it can be to train WITH people!

I had no idea how I would do or what kind of time I would get, I just wanted to finish.  And finish I did!  In fact, I finished pretty darn strong!  I ran the entire thing in just a few seconds over 2 hours 30 minutes!

For a short, formerly overweight, middle aged girl… that was not too shabby at all!!!!

I had figured this would be a bucket list kind of race.  Do it once, never do it again.  But something about it completely got me hooked!

This is a huge race.  Like HUGE!  The largest 25k race in the country!  And it’s very well done.

The expo is awesome (heading there tonight!), the race is extremely well-supported and well marked.  There are runners from all over the world that come to Grand Rapids, Michigan, just to run this race!

Tomorrow I will run it for the fifth year in a row.  Yes, I think I have a running addiction.  Is that so bad?  I didn’t think so!

I usually stick to half marathons.  Those 13.1 miles are a challenge, no doubt.  So this one being a little more than that is my longest and most challenging race of the year.  (The HILLS!!!  Ugh!)

I’ve been sick this winter.  I’m still struggling to get my body back to its best.  But I’ve not stopped training.  I will run tomorrow.

This year I made my goal only to help someone on my team either finish for the first time OR get their own PR, which will likely be quite a bit longer than my own PR.  I’m completely looking forward to helping whomever it is that needs me cross that line tomorrow…. no matter how long it takes us!!!  This is not MY race, it’s theirs!

I have several people on my team to support, so it will be up to them who wants me to stick with them, and it may change while we are on the course.  I’m not worried.  I’ll finish.  I’ve done this before!  But I can’t wait to see their faces!!!!  That finish line emotion ALWAYS gets to me!!!!

After this, I will rest.  I have no doubt I’ll run it again, hopefully next year.  Maybe I’ll do it for MY PR next year, maybe not.  Who cares?  Running is SO much more than physical work.

I’ll write about this particular race once it’s over…. but know that I’m going into this one FOR my team.  Being a leader/coach is the BEST feeling!  Celebrating victories big and small.  That’s what this weekend is all about!


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