Fifth Third Riverbank Run

Well, we did it!  Eighteen weeks of training complete!  The race is over and we were as successful as we had hoped!

There were lots of PR’s set by this amazing group on Saturday.  My race had one main goal; to help someone else get to their goal!

See, I’ve done this before.  This was my fifth year in a row.  I’m not in the best of health this year, so I’m much slower than I was just a couple of years ago.  This was not MY race.  This was my team’s race.

At the beginning of the season, I told myself that this one was for the team.  That’s the only reason I was here, not for me, not for a personal record, just for my team.

When we lined up at the start, it was chaotic as it usually is, but I managed to find my friend Amy.

Amy started training with us this year as she had begun her training on her own and she was struggling.  On the suggestion of a friend, she joined us and was placed on my pace team.  We clicked right away, she’s a remarkable young lady!

We lined up with the 11 minute mile pacers.  I knew if we ran with them we would finish in under 3 hours, which was what she had hoped for.  Our main goal was to finish, but to finish in a respectable time was also a goal!

We stuck with the pacers for most of the race, I have a feeling they sped up, because we stayed right on pace and they went off ahead at one point.  I had my Garmin watch on, so I wasn’t worried about us.

The weather was really pretty good, chilly and overcast for most of the morning.  Except that a storm whipped up around mile 12.  Like a windy, cold, rainy and even some hail hit for about a mile!  Those were some cold and painful moments!  But we prevailed and the sun came back out.  Typical Michigan, I suppose!

We had Amy’s parents following us around to different spectator friendly spots on the course.  I think we saw them four times!  They were rockstar fans, and I know I truly appreciated their efforts to support their daughter.  I want to adopt them!!! LOL!

But truly, running with Amy and seeing the rest of my team and many other friends out there really made for an enjoyable run.

This was my fifth year for this race.  It won’t likely be my last.  But my body needs a break.

I want to take a step back from major distance training for just a bit.  I want to focus on getting my health back.  On losing the 10 pounds I’m hanging onto that are making me uncomfortable in my skin.  I want to get back to doing my Beachbody programs again every day!

So, I’m resting the legs for a couple days.  I’ll still run when I want.  I’ll still do some races, when I want.  But after 6 years of running, my body wants to slow down a little bit.  Get stronger.  Get healthier.  Get back on track.

So I can come back and get even better next year!


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