Start Again

Hello there, blogosphere!

Yes, I took some time off from writing last week.  I’m trying to figure out how much I should write, when, about what… and get my body back too.

Since this whole vitamin deficiency thing has been happening for the last 8 weeks or so, I really have been off my game.  Now that my running season is over, it’s time to start again and be smart about it.

Six years ago I started running.  I have never truly taken a break from that since.

Four years ago I started P90X and all the other Beachbody programs I’ve done since.  Never really taken more than a few days, definitely not more than a week off since I started.

Other than my 2-3 runs per week, I haven’t done a regular workout routine in almost 2 months.  I’m SO ready to start that again!  I miss my workouts!

Since my body is still healing and I’ve lost a good bit of strength, I figured the best thing I could do right now is NOT just jump into something too intense.  I need to get back on track the RIGHT way!

I did PiYo when it came out a couple years ago and it was AWESOME!  I loved how it really helped my running, but I also saw more strength changes than I was expecting.  I know it’s lower impact and involves modifications should I need them (and I will for a while, I’m really out of shape!) and that Chalene is super motivating!

So, I’m dusting it off and starting over!  Today was day one.  It’s an eight week program, should I need the whole thing again. If things change in the next few weeks, I may abandon it and go back to something else, but for today I’m staying the course.  I can see that my body needs this, so I’m trying to listen!

In the meantime, I want to encourage anyone who has been struggling to start again to just do it!  Take stock of what your body and your mind needs (trust me, it’s a mind game most days!) and start!  The hardest part is starting… once you get the routine down it becomes much easier.

Today I started again.  I’m figuring out where I am physically, mentally… even emotionally.

I don’t expect it to be easy.  But I know what I’m capable of, and I will reach my goals. Doing otherwise is not acceptable.  It’s just not!

If you need accountability, I’m here for you.  I could use some myself!!!!  Let’s do this together!


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