Just Do It

Nike was on to something awesome when they came up with the slogan “Just do it.”  It really is the theme for so many sayings that lots of us in fitness say over and over.  Mantras.  Do you use them?

I have to quite often.  Sometimes I wear them on my head!  Sometimes I listen to the trainers in my videos for their “words of wisdom” to get me through a tough workout.

This picture isn’t new, but it applies to my situation beautifully.

Some days I just have to suck it up.

It’s cozy in my bed at 5am.  It’s warmer under the covers.  Working out is hard when I’m out of shape like I am right now.

Suck it up, buttercup.

It’s not going to get easier unless I JUST DO IT!  I know this.  I’ve done it.  So I did.

I got up today and did the workout.  And you know what?  I feel GREAT!

That’s right.  I feel BETTER that I did it!

Not only the work itself, but the fact that I stuck to my plan.  I didn’t make excuses.  It’s time to push them aside.

If I can’t make it through the whole workout, so be it.  But I will start.  I will listen to my trainer who says to give it five minutes.  If you’re not feeling it after that, you give yourself permission to move on.  Chances are pretty high that after those five minutes you’ll just finish anyway!

Whatever your excuse, it’s time to bust it.  Bust that sucker wide open and just do it.  Fitness, nutrition, career, relationships…. whatever you’re struggling with, I challenge you to do it.

Suck it up, buttercup.  Life won’t get easier by avoiding it.  I would argue that it will only get more difficult!

Ditch the excuses.  Today.


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