Yesterday I was blessed with a day with VERY little on my calendar and no reason for an alarm clock.  It was heaven!

I actually slept in until 10am!  What a miraculous feeling to wake when I was ready!

I spent time reading, relaxing, watching a movie.  I shopped a bit because I really  needed some summer clothes and found a few good deals.  I went to rehearsal because I’m playing at church this weekend.

Do you ever feel like you need to spend time recharging?  I think it’s important for everyone.

Last year I did a bit of research into personality types and found out something about myself that I really didn’t even know was possible.

I’m an outgoing introvert.

I’m not shy, not really (I can be in uncomfortable situations, but for the most part not) because I can talk to strangers and all that.  I consider myself a people person, I LOVE to meet new people, talk to people, help people.

But sometimes I need to be alone.  I need to shut out the world and recharge.

I actually need a bit of this every day.  Several times a day if possible.

Once in a while, I enjoy a whole day of it and it feels amazing.  It allows me to be more productive, more focused… more me.

If this is you, then you are very lucky!  I truly think I have the best of personality types because I get along with everyone and I love spending time with everyone… myself included!

I hope you find something you love about yourself today and every day.  Realizing your inner strengths is liberating!

Spend time recharging when you can.  You may find that it makes you a much better you.


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