For nearly 4 years I was on a roll.  I got up every morning and did my workouts.  I ate healthy most of the time.

Sure, I had some slips and setbacks, but at the age of 43 (last summer) I was in the best shape of my life without a doubt.

I was smaller, fitter, leaner, faster, more badass than I had ever been.  I looked and felt better than I had way back in high school!

Since then I have been struggling with health issues, family drama, all sorts of stress and it’s taken a toll on me mentally and physically.

So it’s time I’m back to being the fit and badass Nikki again.

Day 3 on my 90 day challenge and I’m already feeling at least mentally better.  I’m walking like a 90 year old with a bad hip, but I know the workouts (and the warm sunny weather) are helping my mood!

I believe I can do this.  I’ve done it before.  I know the routine I need that helps me feel and look my best.  I am unstoppable!

I was thinking just last night, my setback doesn’t mean I’ve failed.  My weight gain doesn’t mean I should give up on myself.  Quite the contrary!  It’s my responsibility as a woman, a wife, a mom, a sister, a daughter to take care of myself.  I need to be at my best so that when things happen, and they WILL happen, I can handle them in the best possible way.

I need to be strong, mentally and physically, to have parents who are beginning to have health issues.  To still have teenage sons who make really bad decisions living at home.  To work full time, juggling three jobs while my husband travels for work each and every week.  To take care of everyone else while still managing to make time for myself.

I believe I can do it.  I am unstoppable.  I am here, I am fierce, and I will never give up.

Do you believe in you?  If you don’t, you really need to consider looking in the mirror and seeing what I see.

You are brave.  You are strong.  You are unstoppable.


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