Work In Progress

Don’t you feel like a work in progress.. like ALL the time?

I do!

I’m always learning, working, striving to be my best.  I feel like progress ebbs and wanes, which I suppose is normal, but you know I’ll never give up.

There’s a lot going on that I can’t really talk about to very many people just yet.  I hate when people say that and get all vague, but it’s true.  What I can tell you is that I will be just fine.  I’m strong, capable, and determined to win.

I am committed to this new program I talked about and it’s going well.

I am committed to helping 10 people this month get started on a healthier life.

I am committed to becoming a coach that truly serves her team and builds a tribe of amazing people that uplift each other.

I am committed to improving myself every single day.

I’m not perfect, don’t plan to be, but I want to be my best.

I’m also committed to figuring out Snapchat and now Instagram stories… because the world is evolving!!!!  Crazy that at my age I would have to figure out how to keep up like this, but technology is moving way faster than I’m ready for.  I feel like I’m just figuring out Facebook even though I’ve had an account for 9 years!

So today I’m realizing that my challenge to improve myself will never be over.  And I’m perfectly good with that!!!

Work hard.  You’ll get there.  So will I.



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