Get Paid To Get Healthy!

That’s right!!!  Beachbody is doing it’s very first Health Bet and YOU could win big!

Not only could this month long challenge help you get healthy, which we all know is the key to happiness… but you could also get PAID!

During September, if you complete the challenge of logging three workouts per week and five Shakeology pictures per week, you will be entered to win a split of a pot of between $1-3 million!!!!

That’s right!  Now, granted, it could be split a huge number of ways.  Maybe we will win $20?  Maybe $200???  Who knows?  It all depends on who actually COMPLETES the challenge!

I know I want my share!!!!

Now is the time to make your plan and get your Shakeology set up, so make sure you message me, email me, contact me on Facebook.. whatever!  Together we could both win big with health AND cash!

One of the coolest parts of this is that Beachbody came out with a Challenge Tracker App to use instead of posting all over Facebook or other social media.  That way we aren’t spamming up the airwaves, we are keeping it semi-private!  Makes it a lot more inviting, doesn’t it?

Oh yeah, and everything Beachbody does has a 30 day money back guarantee!  For real…. they are awesome!  And the products WORK!

Don’t you want a chance to get started on changing your health?  A little cash incentive?

Come on…. you know you want to….

I promise to be there for you every single day!

Let’s DO THIS!!!!


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