Isn’t life all about changes?  I’m realizing that it really is, after all these years.

If you’ve followed me for any length of time, you might realize that my life is sort of a roller coaster.  I go for a while and blog on the regular, then I go into hiding.  There are a few reasons I go AWOL…. so I wanted to just let you know I’m not going anywhere.

  1.  I’m not sure I’m adding value to my fabulous readers.  This is probably the biggest reason I drop off the face of the earth every so often.  I don’t believe that I have anything to add!  This isn’t necessarily true, of course… it’s just my self-doubt rearing it’s ugly head.
  2. I’m afraid I’m oversharing.  There’s always a lot going on in my life.  I have three jobs, and if you include this blog, there’s four.  Now, since at this point I’m writing mainly for my creative outlet, not getting paid (yet) it’s more a hobby than a job.. well, I’ll talk about that more later.
  3. There are things that are better left private.  I have some family members who may not appreciate me sharing some details of my/our life, even though I truly believe that some of our stories may help others get through difficult times.  I need to get over this hurdle and fast if I want to continue to grow!
  4. I’m seriously busy…. like I said… three jobs!


Ok, but all of those are just excuses.  I write this to be happy.  It’s good for my health to be happy!  So, I took a leap of faith and put some skin in the game and joined a tremendously successful group of bloggers who are teaching us some skills that can make me an even better blogger!!!  My ultimate goal is of course to change the world, one reader at a time… but more seriously, I just want to inspire people to reach their potential, personally and professionally… including myself.  I don’t think I’m even close to that just yet!

So!  What does that all mean… changes.  Changes to my own life, to this blog, to my attitude… even my eating style is changing lately.

I finished the 3 Day Refresh last week, which was AWESOME!  I feel SO great, having cleansed my system and reset my mind and body to have a healthy relationship with food again.  I feel so good that I’m pretty sure I’m at least slightly gluten intolerant, so I’m staying off that for a while longer.  I’m also going to stay off dairy for a while longer to make sure that’s another reason I haven’t felt like myself lately.

Being a dairy and gluten free vegetarian will have it’s challenges… it already has this weekend!  But, I’ve proven to myself that I can at least give it the best try I can.  I am going to avoid alcohol until at least Saturday (I’ll tell you why later) and give this change my best shot!

What changes do you need to make to be happy?  I have no idea… only you can figure that out.  But if it’s something as simple as your nutrition, then I know you can do it!  Is it easy?  Not always… but I’m realizing it’s completely worth it.


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