Here goes!

Here goes… my first of many vulnerable and open posts… be gentle!!!

Today is a huge day for one of my kids.  I have two boys, and they are both amazing  young men, and also they have made some really bad decisions over the years.

Put it this way… I know way more about the court system than anyone should who doesn’t actually work FOR the court system.  Yeah.  It’s like that.

This is one of those things that when I talk about it to someone I watch their face to see how they judge me.  Writing about it scares the crap out of me because I can’t see your face!

But I’m going to try and be as honest as I can, that’s my new thing… being real.

This summer the kid (as I like to call him) spent a good amount of time locked up.  It was not his finest moment to be sure.  He’s out now and school has started back, but his driver’s license was suspended.

Normally I would say no biggie… but the problem is that his school is 30 miles away with no public transportation available.  I can’t miss a whole bunch of work just to get him there and back.

So today we are headed to court to petition the judge for a VERY restricted license for him.  Back and forth to school and his job is all we need.  He knows he screwed up.  He’s very sorry and promises it won’t happen again (yes, I understand he has said this before….).  I just pray the judge sees the complicated situation we are in and agrees to try it.

You see, he’s the age of a senior, but has sophomore credits.  He’s that behind.  He transferred to this school last March and finally found a place he can be successful after four school changes in three years.  I know that sounds like a lot, and it is, but he just couldn’t find his groove…. until he made this last switch.  He made the honor roll for the FIRST time last term!

He CAN graduate.  He WILL graduate.  But if the judge denies our request, he may end up having to transfer back to the school that was NOT successful for him, in which case you might as well just sign him off, because I know he will drop out.  Not being negative about it, it’s just the fact.

If you pray… please pray for my boy.  He’s really a great kid and he’s smart, he just doesn’t always use a whole lot of common sense.  Isn’t that normal for teens???  I know… they usually don’t end up arrested… but still.

I’ll have to come back this week and tell you how it goes, but as for today… I’m praying.

The backstory will be coming at some point too.  There’s a lot more to this than just today!


6 thoughts on “Here goes!

  1. Prayers for you & the boy. He’s got his whole life ahead of him and an amazing mom to cheer him on. It can be scared to share truth but that’s where freedom lies. Yay for you 😊.


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