Sunshine On A Rainy Day

It’s raining this morning.  Sort of fits my mood.  You see, I’ve been sick for the past three days!

I know, it stinks!  I hate being sick.  It’s a head cold and it’s really not been fun at all.

I spent all of Sunday in bed, had to work Monday (as best I could, it was difficult) and took Tuesday off to rest up.  I’ll head in soon for the day and try to get by.  It’s clearing up a little, but my head still hurts and I have very little voice.

It’s also raining, like I said.  So today I need to look for some sunshine.  I might not find it in the sky, so it’s time to look for it elsewhere.

But where do you find sunshine on a rainy day?  This is a good lesson for everyone, especially me who is very effected by the weather… I get sad when there’s no sun!

I look for sunshine in a friend’s laugh.  In a child’s smile.  In an old man’s joke he wanted to share.

Working in an office with lots of people coming and going makes it just a little easier to find certain types of sunshine.  But if I can’t find it there, I will look for it in a song on the radio, or one that pops in my head.  I’ll look for it anywhere.

Because it might be raining, but I need some sunshine.

If I can’t find it, I will make some.

After all, life is too short not to go looking for rainbows!


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