Are You Ready?

It’s no secret that I love football.  I’ve been to a game each of the last four weekend, with many more to come!  High school, college, pro… I love to watch at home, with friends, or in the stadiums… it’s ALL good!

When I was a kid I would watch the Michigan games with my Grandpa, or the Lions on Sunday.. just like a lot of kids from the great Mitten State.  Always loyal, even though I preferred the Spartans over the Wolverines, those Lions will always have my heart for better or worse.

When I got to junior high and high school I became an actual cheerleader and got to cheer for our football and basketball teams for a few years.  I LOVED it!  I loved the cheering, but I loved being able to go to ALL the football games, watch those boys duke it out day after day and bring pride to our school and our Laker mascot.

As a mom of two boys, my heart exploded with pride when they each decided to play football as kids.  While neither of my kids were extremely talented on the field, they both worked hard and had fun for the years they played.  Neither continue to play, but the seasons of being a football mom are some I cherish about their childhoods.  So much fun!

Now, as a grown woman who loves football, still has school spirit, and has lots of friends who also enjoy games, I am embracing a new stage in my life.  College games a-plenty and even a few high school games make fall one of my favorite times of year.  Marching bands, tailgating with friends, sweatshirt weather… it’s ALL fun for me!

Last night was my high school’s homecoming.  It was raining the whole time, so we didn’t stay at the game long (I’ve been sick, I didn’t want to chance it) and I didn’t get out and cheer with the alums… but I did get to see those good ole’ Laker boys score a couple of touchdowns on the field that meant so much to me a few decades ago. (We won the game 20-0, so I only missed one more!)

I hung out with some people I knew back then and discovered we are all one big happy family when it comes to fall, football, and having grown up together.  I am thankful to have grown up in a community of really awesome people!  It’s so nice to get to go back an share memories and stories and see faces I cherished then and now.

I won’t get to a college game today, but you know I’ll be watching on TV somehow…. I’m always ready for some football.

Are you?  Which teams do you root for???  Today, for me, it’s about the MSU Spartans and the WMU Broncos!!!!  Dip the Chips, boys!!!


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