Happy Homecoming!

It was that weekend again for us at WMU.  What a great day!  One of our amazing friends wasn’t able to be with us because her beautiful daughter had her first Homecoming dance for high school and I don’t blame her one bit!  If I had a daughter, or even if my son wanted help getting ready, you can believe I would have been there for them instead of at the game.  But I don’t.

So, since she couldn’t be there, I printed off a picture of her and brought her along!  She loved it, and we all had a bit of fun with our “flat” friend!  We weren’t the only ones that did this either.  There was another missing face that was also in a flat version for the day!  Fun times.

The weather was chilly and windy, but not too bad with the sunshine.  We had lots of food and adult beverages.  There was a world record broken with 1201 couples renewing their vows before the game!  Fun stuff for sure!  I think the best part was just getting away for a day with some people who know me, like me, and love having fun!

Oh, and the football game… yes, that was a major highlight!  It was closer than most of the games so far this year, but my beloved Broncos are now 6-0 for the first time in like 70 years!  It’s crazy how awesome they are playing!  There were some tight moments when we didn’t know exactly how things would go for us, but all of a sudden something clicked and we had the play of the week with a one handed touchdown catch that looked like something out of a sports center fairy tale!  Every football lovers dream!

So it was a good day.  Then yesterday I was lazy all day and I needed it.  Got my laundry and dishes done.  Laid around most of the day.  Tried to watch the debate but only made it 10 minutes before I thought I was going to throw up!  Something about this political climate just has my stomach in knots, which isn’t helping how I feel about other stuff too.

It’s been four weeks today since I have heard from or seen my son.  I won’t dwell on it, but I think it has to be said…. I miss him so much.  I’m still angry and hurt.  I just want to know he’s OK.  I kind of want to slap some sense into him as well.  Anyway… I’ll always be his mom.

But for this weekend, I was just a Bronco.  With lots of friends who love me.  Even my “flat” friend!  I was glad she liked it.  These faces make me smile.


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