Do Your Best…

There’s a motto that one of my favorite celebrity trainers uses quite often in the workouts I do that absolutely sums up what I believe is a philosophy of life for each of us.  “Do your best, forget the rest.”

What does that mean to me?  It means we should use our brains, our bodies, our hearts to do the best work we can do and be the best we can be in any aspect of life.

Specifically, Mr. Tony Horton is speaking of the workouts he leads us through like P90X.  We need to lift, jump, stretch to the best of OUR ability.  I can’t lift as much as Tony does.  That’s OK!  I can’t do as many push ups, or jump as high… but I might be able to do more than I could after a few weeks of hard work.  Improving MY best is what it’s about.

But I also believe this mantra sums up the human experience as well.

I’ve talked about how much I enjoy learning.  I read and listen to inspiring podcasts just about every day.  The things I choose to read and learn from vary from leadership, business building, psychology, blogging, you name it.  If it applies to my life, I’ll give it a try.  I want to be the best me I can be!

Right now I’m reading another amazing book by Dr. Brene Brown called The Gifts Of Imperfection.  It so perfectly applies to my life that I’m sad I hadn’t read it years ago.  Although, to be honest I probably wasn’t ready to hear what she has to say anyway. I believe that the timing is as perfect as it can be.

This book is about learning to live a wholehearted life.  To let go of the feeling that you are inadequate and embracing exactly who you are in the moment.  Going through life feeling ashamed of who you are doesn’t help anyone.  We all have some pretty amazing qualities.  Finding a way to make them shine is always a good idea!

I’m not completely done with it, but I can tell you I’ve learned a lot already.  I will likely be reading this one again to make sure I get the most I can out of it.  She’s helping me find the joy in my life when I really just want to crawl in a hole and feel sorry for myself.  I’ve had a tendency to do that over the years.  I’m over it.  Everyone has crap in their life.  It’s time to just find the joy in every day.  It’s there… and now I’m looking for it.

Every time we make ourselves better, we give ourselves the opportunity to help someone else.  It doesn’t have to be big things, I believe it’s the little things that add up over time to make life pretty darn awesome.  I’ve got work to do on this myself, but I’m trying.

Today I’m going to look for joy in each hour.  I want to take a mental note of something awesome at least 10 times.  If possible, I’ll write them down and report back.  Let’s try this for a few days.  I wonder what amazing things we can find in the simple every day joys!


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