MJ Had A Point

Yes, I’m talking about that Michael Jackson and his son “Man In The Mirror.”  I’m a huge music fan and that song has always resonated with me.  I saw this image and had to use it here today because it makes so much sense.

Some of us spend a lot of time and energy searching for someone to come and save us, rescue us from whatever battles we are facing.  But truthfully, the only one who can change our lives is us.  You.  You have the ability to change whatever crap is going on in your life.

In my current situation, I can’t change what my son is doing, but I can change my attitude about it.  I can try and make a positive thing out of a bunch of crap.  It’s possible.

Yesterday I challenged myself and you to find some moments of joy in the simple things.  I have to be honest that I did allow myself to get lost in the busy, but when I thought about it there was definitely some joyful moments.

Not every moment was joyful, that’s just a tough thing to have when life is messy.  But I found several awesome and joy-filled things about the day.  My challenge is to find more today!  I know it’s possible.  I know this because I’m capable of finding them.  I’m the only one who can.  I will make it happen!

Why is it important for me to find this joy?  Because that rabbit hole of depression has it’s mouth wide open and would really like to swallow me up.  Frankly, I don’t have time for that.  I just don’t.  I want to live my life to the fullest, and I believe that finding those joys will bring me closer to a wholehearted life, even if it’s still messy.

I did something else yesterday that I believe will help bring me closer to my goals.  Something I’ve been avoiding even though every self-help author I read has pointed me to this for a few years…. meditation.

Yup.  So many “experts” have said that meditation, even 10 minutes a day, is something that they do that they swear makes life better.  But I’ve been resisting… until now.

Why all of a sudden do I want to add this into my already very full calendar?  Frankly, because a dear friend that I trust told me she’s been adding it and has seen it really help her through some messy stuff.  So yeah, and there’s also an app for that.  I downloaded the app she uses and tried it last night.  Not sure I saw a difference in one session, but I know it’s not supposed to work like that.  I’ll do it for a while and re-assess.  What can it hurt?

Today my goal is to find some more joys.  Little things that make me smile, make someone else smile, smiles are contagious after all.  I’ll do my yoga this morning and meditate later on.

Doing these things won’t change certain messy situations in my life, but they will change me.  Since that’s all I can control, I say that’s a good place to start.


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