I can’t even tell you how much it means to me that I’ve got a place to pour out my feelings and thoughts in this place.  I’m so thankful for those of you who have read my words and decided to follow me!  My hope is that I can continue to write something meaningful and inspiring, or at least entertaining at times!

So with the incredible emotional pain I’ve been experiencing lately, I do want to explain that I really am alright.  I mean that.  Yes, I’m slightly depressed and I really REALLY need time with people AND time alone, just depends on the day lately.  But I’m managing and I want my friends to know how much it means when they reach out, send me a funny message, a virtual hug, whatever.  I seriously have some amazing friends and I don’t take that for granted!

It’s a difficult thing to look for the good in every day, but that’s my plan for as long as I can.  Not every situation is good, but I believe that good can be found just like joy… you just have to open your eyes and your heart to it.  I’ve challenged myself to find 10 things each day that are joyful or good or just  make me smile.  It hasn’t been easy, and I haven’t found 10 each day, but I wanted to take a moment this morning and just tell you what I’m thankful for today.  Because even when life completely kicks your ass, there is ALWAYS something good in it.  Even if it’s a lesson to be learned.

So here’s my thankful list at the moment.  It does change… and that’s a good thing.

  1. My husband is a rock.  He’s dealing with so much, but he’s out there supporting our little family and is always worried about me and makes time each day to tell me how much he loves me.  I married a great guy!
  2. My friends who check in on me.  Most of my friends don’t live close, but in this amazingly small world of social media and texting, it’s like they are next door sometimes.  I love the distractions they might send, I love that I can share in their joys as well through pictures and stories they post.
  3. The friends I see daily at my office.  I am so blessed to work in an office that really cares about each other.  We pray for each other and care about each other in a way I’ve never had at any other job.  Must be why I have stayed for 14 years!
  4. The people I get to run with.  I swear, running friends are like therapists!  We talk about everything, and I mean everything!  I honestly can’t wait to run tonight because I could use a good gab session for about 3 miles!
  5. My habit of daily exercise.  Even though I don’t always want to, I know that moving my body is good for my mental well-being!  Lately with the daily yoga practice I’m finding lots of peace in that half hour which is beneficial for the whole day.  I can’t wait to get back into running on a stricter schedule as well.  It’s definitely time for that!

Alright, that’s just a short list, but it’s very meaningful to me.  I’m going to have a good day because I’m choosing now to make it so.  I want you to look for some things to be thankful for as well.  I’m sure that if you look for the good, you will feel good!  Life is too short to waste feeling like crap, that’s for sure.

Please, don’t be afraid to leave a comment about what you’re thankful for today!  I would love to celebrate with you!


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