Pretty Good Indeed

Everyone has rough days.  It’s part of life.  Moods change, circumstances vary, things happen that we can’t control.  But no matter how long you’ve been on this earth, just remember that you’ve come this far.  Be happy about that!

The past two days have been pretty good days for me.  Thanks to lots of love from friends and family I’ve managed to smile quite a bit.  I’m good at faking smiles, but these were real warm fuzzies that I don’t take for granted!  That rough day I had on Sunday is long gone and I got through it.  I’m stronger than I realize most of the time.

I finished that great book I was reading and I know I’ll have to go back one day and read it again, but for now I’m starting a new one.  Reading a few minutes each morning has become a habit that I truly enjoy and one that is making my life better… so YAY for personal development!  If you ever get a chance to read Brene Brown, I highly recommend all of her books!  I’ve read three now, and if there are others out there I will certainly pick them up soon.

So today I started reading just the introduction of The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin.  This one caught my eye at the bookstore a few weeks ago because of the title and the cover art, but when I peeked inside I was intrigued.  It’s the story of HER happiness project, but I have a feeling I could learn how to apply her story to my own life and that’s something I really need right now.

Looking for joy, finding happiness, changing how I react to what happens to me and around me… that’s exactly why I need books like this in my life!  Writing my own story in the midst of reading the stories of others.  Therapy like no other for me!  Although I’m considering looking for a therapist too… but that’s another post.  I’m not ready yet.

Today I have a date with my mom.  She’s pretty awesome and we don’t make enough time for each other, so having the day completely off I figured we needed a date.  I know she will make me feel better with one of her award winning hugs!  For real, be jealous… she’s a great hugger!  She’s also had her share of rough days lately, but she’s one tough little cookie.  It’s going to be a great day!

But even if it wasn’t… I have a pretty good track record of getting through the tough stuff.  I’d say 100% is pretty good indeed.


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