Great Advice, Marilyn…

I have no idea if Marilyn Monroe actually said this… but I think it’s great advice anyway, and I think she’s gorgeous!

Had such a nice afternoon with my mom yesterday.  Her hugs did NOT disappoint and were exactly what I needed!  We went to a movie and lunch together at a really yummy Mexican restaurant that I will definitely need to go back to because YUM!!!

There’s something about being with my mom that makes me feel like myself.  I can’t hide stuff from her, she can read me like a book.  It wasn’t like that when I was that difficult teenager, but I think she knew more than she let on anyway.

But she lets me vent about stuff and doesn’t judge me.  She loves my kids as much as I do, so it helps to have her around.  She really doesn’t think any of what my son is doing is my fault… which is pretty much what I need to hear as often as I can.

Being real around someone SHOULD be easy… but I don’t think it always is that way.  Sometimes we put up walls and masks that show what we WANT to show to the world.  I think the best gift we can give ourselves is to just be free to be ourselves.

There are some people I will see tomorrow that I can also be myself around… exactly what I need to keep this week as positive as possible.  Those friends that know me, the real me, they do make me happy.

Today my gift to the world is to be ME.  Un-apologetically me.  Starting with yoga, I’ll be smiling at the grocery store later… it’s a bonus day off for me and the sun is shining.  Can’t ask for better than that!


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